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Charlie's Story...

Blessing in Disguise Childrens Charity
Blessing in Disguise Childrens Charity
Blessing in Disguise Childrens Charity

Precious moments Mum Gemma with Gizmo and Charlie

5yr old Charlie Townsend with ted

Precious moments Dad Shane with the adorable Gizmo and young Charlie

Charlie Townsend is a 5yr old little boy with complex health needs, severe developmental delay with visual impairment, dystonia and generalised epilepsy and requires 24/7 care and a high level of support in all aspects of his life by both of his parents in order for him to remain safe and well within his family environment as Charlie is very often ill due to his complex health needs. He uses a wheelchair and has specialist equipment to meet his needs. Charlie has dystonia spasms which can sometimes resemble an epileptic fit. He requires medication every 2hrs and is unable to attend school as they cannot support Charlie’s care needs. Mum and Dad were spending all their time by Charlie’s bedside and unable to leave his bedside for fear of missing signs of an epileptic fit where he needs emergency care.

Support from Blessing in Disguise

Blessing in Disguise provided vital portable 2 way video monitoring equipment for 5 year old Charlie who has complex health needs and requires 24 hr care to enable Mum Gemma and Dad Shane to use their living room once again and spend time relaxing with Charlie’s siblings while still being able to see Charlie while he sleeps in his own room, monitoring him day and night. The family are on a limited budget due to both parents having to give up work in order for them to meet their son Charlie’s care needs. After meeting Charlie and his family, Blessing in Disguise felt that the family deserved a well-earned respite family break together with the other siblings and so have booked the family a long weekend break to give them a change of scenery and a chance for the family to spend some quality time together and create some cherished memories for all of the family.

Blessing in Disguise via the help of Mark Price arranged a special v.i.p. day out for Charlie and his family as guests of Manchester United football team and they had a slap up meal and signed photos and were able to create more cherished memories.  The family are huge Man. Utd. fans.  Huge thanks to mark Price for arranging this for us.

Feedback from Mum Gemma

“Shane and me would like to thank Sharon and Katie for getting us the Samsung Camera it’s made our life with Charlie Bear so much easier we can now sit in our lounge and spend time with our older children Alysha and Elliott knowing we can see and hear Charlie, thanks again xxxx”

Update April 2016

Unfortunatley Charlie bear became too weak to fight anymore and it is with heavy heart we say goodbye to such a brave little soldier.  R.I.P. Charlie, fly high with the angels.  So glad that we were able to make a difference to you and your family xxx

2015-03 01 Townsend Charlie at United VIP Day
Townsend - Charlie & Gizmo
Townsend - Charlie4
Townsend - Charlie & Gizmo1
Townsend - Charlie5
Townsend - Charlie3
Townsend - Charlie
Townsend - Charlie1
Townsend - Charlie2
Townsend - Elliott, Charlie & Alysha
Townsend - Shane, Charlie & Gizmo
Townsend - Gemma, Charlie & Frozen
Townsend - Gemma, Charlie & Gizmo edited
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