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Updates on what’s happening at Blessing in Disguise including upcoming events.

2020 Events

  • 2020-01

  • 2020-02 Valentine's Raffle

  • 2020-03 20 Milliken Industrials Ltd Presentation

  • 2020-03 22 Run Wigan Festival - CANCELLED

  • 2020-04 01 Swim Ability, Hindley Pool - CANCELLED Hindley Pool and Leisure Centre

  • 2020-04 26 B.I.D. & A.L. Silcock V.I.P. Fun Fair - DW Stadium, Wigan - CANCELLED

  • 2020-05 Lockdown Project 1 - 'Safe at Home' Activity Pack

  • 2020-06 Lockdown Project 2 - 'Ray of Sunshine' Activity Pack

  • 2020-07 23 Santa in July - CANCELLED

  • 2020-08 Lockdown Project 3 - 'Pen Pal Starter Kit' Activity Pack and Pen Pal Club

  • 2020-09 Lockdown Project 3.1 - 'Pen Pal Follow on Pack' Activity Pack and Pen Pal Club

  • 2020-10 25 Autumn Fun Fair - CANCELLED

  • 2020-10 28 Lucky Hens Farm Tour - CANCELLED

  • 2020-11 

  • 2020-12 Virtual Grotto

The Pen Pal Club

Pen Pals Activity Pack - Halloween.jpg

6th August 2020 - Pen Pal Club was created following a suggestion from a parent of a service user and was developed into a project allowing children to form friendships and support each other in the good old fashioned way of writing to one another.

Initially, a free 'Pen Pal Starter Kit' was sent out to each child who registered with us. They were then asked to write back to 'Bailey', Blessing in Disguise's Pen Pal Buddy and complete the activity sheets.

Bailey then then paired up all the children with similar interests and Blessings' then sent out a follow up Halloween themed kit with various items and instructions on how to develop the Pen Pal Club with their new buddies. (see photo for Halloween themed kit sent to all of our Pen Pal Club members).​

🎃We have paired up Pen Pals and sent out the 'Halloween themed' kits🎃There is still time to add your child to the Pen Pal Club, just email us or drop us an inbox message on Blessing in Disguise Facebook page. Only available to children who are registered or register with the charity (due to high demand, contents may vary) It's not too late to register!

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