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How you can help


From our own experiences, we know how often businesses are approached to help different charities and that isn't always possible. Here at Blessing in Disguise, we pride ourselves in being different from the rest and we welcome all donations, no matter how large or small.

You can support in many ways:


  • Sponsoring an event or piece of equipment

  • Directing charity requests to us to apply for funding

  • Donate to our Amazon wish-list of specialist toys or equipment that will bring much joy to our special children

  • Attending our events

  • Making a corporate donation

  • Supporting our work through social media and links to our website

  • Donating prizes for our auctions / raffles

  • Being an ambassador for our services and spreading the word about Blessing in Disguise's good work!

  • Donate unused special needs equipment

Equipment Applications that will benefit children or young people with life-limiting illnesses or disabilities will be reviewed on a monthly basis.


Blessing in Disguise is committed to creating positive changes to improve life’s misfortunes and enabling freedom to enjoy treasured memories to share with family and loved ones.  We provide a range of life enhancing experiences helping to improve the quality of life for children and young people with life limiting illnesses and disabilities.

Application Criteria

Blessing in Disguise can consider applications for various pieces of equipment for children and young people with a life shortening illnesses, disabilities, and their families/carers or who are at a disadvantage because of their situation.  BID considers a family to consist of dependent children and those who care for them.  Carers can be parents, grandparents, guardians and others with caring responsibilities.


Decisions on the funding of a piece of equipment or activity are dependent on funds being available at the time.  We operate on a first come first served basis when we are reviewing the applications. 


Eligible criteria must be met in order for equipment to be granted. Evidence/proof of disability benefits must be provided upon request.


All applications must be counter signed and all of the relevant details are to be completed by a medical professional, a referring agent, organisation or school, who can confirm that the piece of equipment requested would benefit the child being applied for.


What do we fund?

Equipment Grants are usually a one off.  If an applicant has had funding for a piece of equipment in the last 3 years from BID or elsewhere, we will ask for brief details.  However the trustees, at their discretion, would still consider the application being made.


Blessings can provide funding for a range of essential life enhancing equipment, such as special needs wheelchairs prams, walkers, medical equipment, sensory equipment, communication aid etc., themed breaks and activities and social/ recreational opportunities for the whole family. Through personal experience, we know that it can often be difficult on other family members, who perhaps unfortunately miss out, but we will endeavor to encourage them to achieve positive changes. 

What can't we fund?

Public bodies, other charities, companies or organisations, anything that is not within our objectives set out in our articles of association.

Organisations with political associations or interests.

Respite breaks/holidays unless granted at the discretion of the Trustees.

Funerals; white goods; building works; driving lessons; non-essential or non-specific equipment that is not for the sole use for the benefit of a child or young person with a life limiting illness or disability.

We will sign-post you to other agencies where we are able to do so.


How to Apply

If you meet all the criteria above and would like to request an 'Equipment Application Form' please contact us or you can download the application form here... Equipment Application Form.  Application forms should be filled out fully and submitted electronically or posted to the postal address on the application form along with your most recent proof of disability benefits from the DWP for the child named on the application form, send to


Decision Making

Grants are awarded by our board of trustees

All applicants will be contacted by e-mail or telephone to let them know if they have been successful

Successful applicants will be asked to fill in and return a disclaimer form for equipment offered before it is released.  The equipment is for the sole use of the child named on the application form for which it was intended.

Goods/equipment must not be sold on without prior consent form Blessing in Disguise. The goods/equipment is donated to support the applicant completely free of charge and to be used to meet the needs of the person named in the application form. All unwanted goods/equipment should be offered back to Blessing in Disguise so it could be passed to another child if in a relative good condition.

If the equipment is no longer in use please contact Blessing in Disguise office to arrange the return of the equipment.

We aim to provide funding for successful equipment applications within one month of the Trustee meeting unless beyond the control of Blessing in Disguise’s remit.

Only one application per child or young person will be considered in any three year period.

If an application is successful, another application will not be considered for two years.

Children who we have helped by providing equipment free of charge to enhance their lives


Blessing in Disguise would like to thank all of its' loyal supporters and donors for their kind generosity. We look forward to your continued support and hope that we can involve more people to take part in our very worthwhile cause.


Enquiries are welcome from any individual who feels that they have a child that may benefit from our service.

Blessing in Disguise is a socially responsible organisation, helping and supporting via a free service.  Through personal experience, we know that it can often be difficult on other family members, who perhaps unfortunately miss out due to concentrated focus on the disabled child or young person with a life-limiting illness.  We will endeavour to encourage them to reach their potential.  Every child matters.

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