Santa in July 2016

Santa in July at The Bellingham Hotel - Sunday 24th July 2016

Blessing in Disguise asked the community to nominate a child or young person with a life limiting illness or disability who had faced difficulties due to their condition and who they felt deserved a special place on the 'Santa in July' halfway to Christmas event.

Twenty five children were nominated by nursing staff at the Children's Community Nursing Team, members of the public and friends and family of the children. Blessing in Disguise invited those 25 children and young people and their families and carers to join us at The Bellingham Hotel in Wigan to an extra special party.

We would like to say a huge Thank you to our Patron, Arthur Silcock, Owner of The Bellingham Hotel and all his staff at the hotel for helping make this a very special day.

Thank you to Funky Disco Entertainment for entertaining the families.

Thank you to Mick Davies for taking all the fabulous photos and capturing those special cherished memories.

Thank you to Ian Bithell (SJA) who came and helped and supported.

Thank you to the Cole Family who came and helped out on the day and to Shermiah Cole for raising funds through 'Just Giving' for Blessing in Disguise. Shermiah, who instead of receiving birthday presents for her 17th birthday in July, asked her friends to donate the money to Blessing in Disguise. Shermiah has raised £270 so far. Thank you Shermiah xx

Thank you to Santa who came back of his holidays to be part of our very special day.

Thank you to Kidzone, Wigan for the loan of fabulous grotto and elves, totally captured Christmas, the photos say it all, thank you xx

Thank you to WishFM who donated extra toys during the 'Wish FM Toy Appeal' in November/December 2015.

Thank you to UKiC 'Cuddles Time' for helping out with plush soft toys.

Thank you to Smyths Toys, Bolton for helping out with 2 sensory toys.

Thank you to Nicky Graham who made the very special Christmas themed cupcakes for the event.

Thank you to Sharon and the ASDA Team Hindley for a whopping 432 Cadbury's chocolate filled donuts - which not only filled everyone at the Santa in July party, but also were hand delivered by Santa and his helpers to the Rainbow Ward at Wigan Royal Albert Edward Infirmary and the Accident & Emergency Departments - Paediatrics, Minors and Majors.

Thank you to all the staff and volunteers who gave up their time freely to make sure all ran smoothly.

Thank you to all of Blessing's supporters who enable the charity to continue to provide the much needed specialist equipment and activities for the children and young people with disabilities or life limiting illnesses.

Thank you to the wonderful families that we support, the reason we do all this is you! You are amazing each and every one of you xx

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