March is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month can make all the difference to improving awareness and a better understanding of the disease.

In the past the media has been an essential part of spreading key messages and raising much-needed funds. March is your time to help change that.

If found in its early stages, 90% of women with ovarian cancer will live longer than another five years. The problem is most people aren't diagnosed until the cancer has spread and makes treatment much more difficult.

But before you can do any of those things, it's important to know the ovarian cancer symptoms if you aren't aware already: stomach pain that won't go away, persistent bloating and finding it hard to eat along with feeling full too quickly are all signs. 'Silent Witness' star Emilia Fox was previously unaware of the symptoms and is now involved in the campaign telling women everywhere!

Are you ready to get involved? If so, you could spend some time baking as your recipe to fundraising success! All you have to do is make some delicious cakes and share them with your friends and family to raise money for this worthwhile cause!

Alternatively, there a lots of other ways to help out and sending a simple donation couldn't be easier. The Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month website has all the information you need.

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