The Gift of Giving - Blessing in Disguise at St Ann's Hospice

The Gift of Giving - Blessing in Disguise has it all wrapped up for Christmas

Just some of pressies we have for St Ann's Hospice to help to create many happy memories for the children and grand-children of the patients being treated over the Christmas period at St Ann's Hospice.

Pictured in reception at St. Ann's Hospice, left to right:

Lindsey Aldred (fundraiser @BID), Katie Holt (Trustee/Director @BID), Sian Burgess Clinical Operational Manager @St Ann's Hospice featured with the Ted that no one wanted to part with), and Sharon Sargent (Trustee/Director @BID)

St Ann's Hospice Logo.jpg
Ted Going to st Ann's Hospice.jpg
Under the Christmas tree at St Ann's Hospice.jpg

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